That girl

As anyone that has read the handful of posts that have gone up on this blog, we’re still without a definitive theme. Seems like the baking/cooking posts are most popular, which we love posting about (and eating, obviously). So bear with us as we [hopefully] continuing tossing up some more culinary experiences along with whatever we feel like 🙂

This morning I was watching the Today Show.  My aunt prefers this to all of the morning shows. And I’ve found that it’s a great way to catch up on all the lost pop culture one may miss while being abroad (I’ve recently returned and, let me tell ya, there is SOOO much important stuff I have been missing out on: the Call Me Maybe phenomenon, Princess Kate’s wardrobe, Howard Stern on one of those “star” shows, the 30 Rock marriage …).  It is entertaining, I’ll give you that.  I’ve been stuck in front of the tv for almost two hours now absorbing everything.  Oh, and I got an iPhone.  Not to actually use it per se as a phone, but to take photos (it’s a hand-me-down iPhone 3 and I just found out about Instagram … see how far behind American culture I am?!).  Well, one of the Today Show’s hosts is in Cannes for the film festival and I was playing around with the iPhone camera Instagram thingy and was thinking about something … which I’ll describe in a moment.  First, here’s the photo I got out of the Today Show:

It was an interesting scenario.  In the center of the four wine tasters is one of the Today Show hosts (apologies for not knowing her name).  To her left is, I believe, a vineyard owner, describing how rose wines are now all the rage in France and drunk more than whites.  On her right are two prominent Cannes attendees.  I believe the woman is associated with Conde Naste travel and the man is Jean Paul mmmm … a famous designer that has been invited to judge.  Hidden behind them was a security guard that at one moment was checking his phone and most likely texting when he was caught by surprise by the little girl there on the left – it was rather amusing, having this big, serious guy react in an almost aggressive way just before realizing it was a little girl checking out the sand around her feet.  Top notch security they got there.  (I guess you had to see it …)  Anyway, after watching all the “news” on the show and all the “interesting” and “important” stuff going on in the [American] world today and the “pleasure” in and “appreciation” for fine wine and the “luxury” of being in France along the coast immersed in all the celebrity glamour, I most envied the little girl in the background.  I’d rather be her – in her world and her appreciation for being there in Cannes at that moment by the Mediterranean coast…