Overheard in … everywhere

From an “Overheard in DC” blog:

A guy and a girl are standing in line to order coffee.

Girl: “So what do you do?”
Guy: “I work on the Hill.”
Girl: (pause) “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean what do you do for money. I meant what do you do to make the world better?”

I am a fan of this one in particular.  Because in Washington, DC, especially, and probably like many other places, but in DC especially people just wanna know what you “do”, or rather, want to let you know that they are super important because they work for the federal government.  So I love the girl’s response and actual interest in what someone else really does do.

We’ll write another blog in a month or two …



Saturday morning roundup

love fútbol: In the spirit of Spain and the European Cup, found walking around DC the other day, brought to you by Instagram

What I have been looking at this morning (disclaimer: this may cause you to lose 2 of your 20 free monthly visits to the NYTimes, my apologies, though, any gripes can be taken up with NYTimes themselves):

Go Spain! 2:45 pm EST

Rocinha in Rio: Video on BBC

Great translation website: Wordreference

I know my mom wants to see this: Brave

Cat Power fans? Ruin

Freelance photojournalist risks: Hammerl

Catalunya is not Spain: Catalan expressions

Innovation in Brooklyn: The Ascent

One more Google tool: Google drive

If you’re a Lance fan (or not): Actual documents

Love her: Mafalda

Not that I am any type of news authority but I felt the need to blog about something.
Happy start to summer!