Saturday morning roundup

love fútbol: In the spirit of Spain and the European Cup, found walking around DC the other day, brought to you by Instagram

What I have been looking at this morning (disclaimer: this may cause you to lose 2 of your 20 free monthly visits to the NYTimes, my apologies, though, any gripes can be taken up with NYTimes themselves):

Go Spain! 2:45 pm EST

Rocinha in Rio: Video on BBC

Great translation website: Wordreference

I know my mom wants to see this: Brave

Cat Power fans? Ruin

Freelance photojournalist risks: Hammerl

Catalunya is not Spain: Catalan expressions

Innovation in Brooklyn: The Ascent

One more Google tool: Google drive

If you’re a Lance fan (or not): Actual documents

Love her: Mafalda

Not that I am any type of news authority but I felt the need to blog about something.
Happy start to summer!



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